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Pure beauty
I took this a while ago last year, well a few of them but a lot of them turned out good but this one actually stands out so......yea.
A Fan-fiction by Rara Maudstrings (brony name)

It was a snowy day in equestria and all the ponies were out having fun in the snow, except for rarity who stayed in her shop in ponyville
"My my what a freezing day it is out there" says rarity as she puts more wood in the fireplace "wish it wouldn't be so cold in here" then sweetie belle slams the door open "HEY SIS" She yells out "WAHHHHHH" As rarity jumps off the ground and onto something Idk. "SWEETIE BELLE CLOSE THE DOOR!!!!!!!!" (Sweetie belle gasps) "Oh Right!!!!!!!" As she closes the door. "I'm sorry sis but i just wanted to know if you wanted to come out and play with us in the snow", Rarity rushes to sweetie belle,"ARE YOU SERIOUS I can not simply go out in that icy torture!!!!", as rarity pushes sweetie belle out the door, "too-a-loo darling have fun surely..can not..go out there..into that freezing weather", as she slams the door behind sweetie belle.

(Insert the intro here)

after the day sweetie belle was saying bye to her friends she heads back to rarity's shop only to find out rarity packing up for vacation, with a confused look on sweetie belle she ask's rarity why is she packing up for when hearths warming eve is just around the corner, "Rarity why are you packing up at this time of season hearth's warming eve is coming up we're gonna decorate twilight's castle later on?". Rarity all spooked as sweetie speaks out of nowhere "Ummm...ahhhhhh yea quite yes darling right around the corner heh heh" she said anxiously, "about that darling" she said "you see......", "uh rarity...are you ok" "SWEETIE BELLE WE'RE NOT SPENDING HEARTHS WARMING EVE THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelped, "what!!!" sweetie said "but why?" "Because of the coldness darling i cannot simply stand the awful freezing touch of it!!!!!!!", she said in a whiny tone of voice "at all" sweetie said, "AT ALLLLL" rarity said annoyingly "but where are we off to sis" "oh well darling we are off to somewhere luxurious and where you feel at ease" "but sis it's hearths warming eve we can't skip the holiday of when the three villages crossed forces and defeated the wingaloos" "Right yes darling but. "and you've always loved to enjoy hearths warming with twilight and the others. and now you wanna go on a vacation to somewhere exotic...that's unlike you what's up sis". "OH um nothing darling" she said in a worried tone "are you sure sis i don't know 'bout that" "ohhhh sweetie belle i am quite alright really"!!!!!, "RARITY"!!!!!!!! "don't you even see yourself, something is really bothering you" she said angrily "ummmmm never mind 'bout the trip darling" she said "Really so you stay for hearths warming eve and to decorate twilight's castle with me!! "CAUSE YOU'RE NOT COMING" she said abruptly, as she shoves sweetie belle into the closet with her horn magic "RARITY LET ME OUT PLEASE YOU CAN'T SKIP HEARTHS WARMING EVE IT'S NOT RIGHT!!!!", "oh i'm sorry what was that...ta ta darling be back after hearths warming" she said in a sassy tone of voice closing the door behind her.

To be continued

Stay tuned for Part 2 as twilight comes over to rarity's boutique shop and finds out that rarity is not there and that sweetie belle was locked in the closet by her sister they unlock the door and she tell's them about her about her skipping hearth's warming eve and she sets out with her friend's to find her so hopefully they won't have to witness what they are about to deal with!!!!!!
Rarity The Giantess Pt. 1
my first mlp fan-fiction that i originally was just gonna be one page but realized it's longer than i thought so i an dividing it up into the many parts it takes to finish.....oh and do please enjoy and if you do so please don't forget to comment below



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